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Messi goals embrace the teacher to express goodbye the Guardiola whisper: Thanks for your time Dot

In 2008, Macy beginning recognized to the world, but always having no a booster. In 2008, a man named Guardiola did start to take over the camping ground Nou. Former Nou Camp King spent four years Barcelona for someone else king.Messi Guardiola tune, growing rapidly, New York Giants Jerseys not only to sweep the three-time World Footballer in the consecutive won three Golden Globe, personal Barcelona goals because the team history, personal single-season scoring first in Europe, now teacher proceeded to leave, Macy tips on how to repay it? Sole answer: goals.37 League, the Victor Cruz Reebok Jersey Catalan regional derby, Barcelona up against the Spanish terrorist Macy. The thing he is not playing interaction when using the field under Guardiola. Only 12 minutes in the first half, Messi scored at the moment, his third particle free kick, Messi's usual to celebrate, but Victor Cruz Women Jersey to lend a hand pointed on the over-the-counter coach Guardiola Guardiola is additionally a hint , waved to him. Communication between the two is significantly from over. With Houmei Xi keep display its power, the penalty, smashing the shot, or penalty. When the 79 minutes Victor Cruz Nike Jersey with the game, Messi scored the individual's in this field the fourth ball, Messi went straight toward the over-the-counter, bench Guardiola seems to understand Macy's might like to do. Two people to the sidelines, so affectionate hug and kiss. In keeping with TV5 reporter Ibanez, Victor Cruz Super Bowl Jersey Josep Guardiola was an emotional one: "Thank you, Children."Guardiola, Messi just the right curtain need his four goals. Guardiola as soon as the game separately filed Messi, "I previously done their full capacity to help Messi, because he is a special player. Also, he gave me great help." It is composed by MofengNewYorkGiantsJerseys 05.07.2012