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Messi hands around us to welcome the Nei Maer joined Barcelona some thing as mentors to foster tomorrow's stars

The so-called mountain can hardly contain my god, world football Messi, Russell still get the Brazil star Nei Maer introduction of one's Barcelona practice, led to some concerns, they fear, Nei Maer the arrival will destroy the harmonious atmosphere of your Barcelona Cheap NBA Jerseys dressing room. Although the World Sports Daily said the concerns of the fans is redundant, because Messi is definitely welcome the arrival of Nei Maer, either come early july or next season does not matter. The coexistence of the two players won't kevin garnett Celtics Jersey exist any issue, the fact is that, they have got recognized several of the activities. Massey will assume the Nei Maer "mentor" role, as the former two Brazilian Deco and Ronaldinho for his guidance.
Macy Nei Maer is a good player, great Michael Jordan College Jersey Authentic player in Barcelona will have a situation. Messi has never asked the club to sign Nei Maer, the reality is, Messi rarely express their views normally indicate, a matter of fact, his current team satisfaction look at toward re-win the championship trophy, Michael Jordan Red Champion Patch Jersey and Iniesta. Harvey, Javier Mascherano, Pique, Puyol, Alves championship team together to take pleasure from football. Nevertheless, the arrival of Nei Maer no worries, regardless, when called he'll use a stronger solution of Barcelona.
Messi both to provide a player and even Michael Jordan Youth Bulls Jersey individual are very mature. In early November, he'll be the beginning of a parent, his girlfriend Antonella children in Barcelona. Recently, Macy's girlfriend repetitions towards Camp Nou visit, and also to visit Pinto's wife, who had just blessed a kid to your Barcelona goalkeeper.

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