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Mourinho: We have Kaka's spelled Bayern is definitely the favorites

"This isn't a fantastic game, but Real Madrid played very inanimate, in comparison with previous years better game against Lyon." Mourinho once the match is satisfied with the results, but he declined to predict the opponents from the team 1/4 final "I didn't consider the opponent to the Top 8 is the central, now we wait for ballot results.Video - Kaka assists Iraq the melon Yinbonawu Crazy Mike Mussina single finger-day media Source: Sina SportsPlayed brilliant enough Bernabeu also sounded some boos, Mourinho wants the Bernabeu fans allow the team more support: "support you aren't of the grandstand at the team, I'm neither criticism nor comment We are going to continue to ask the fans offer the team, I wouldn't want to criticize the fans, smooth against the right to boo us, because our wages they pay. "Mourinho said Real Madrid's radical fans Organization extreme south stands Thanks: "a small selection of of fans when the goal, have to thank them for his or her support for those team."Games, Higuain and Benzema gain, Alonso was shown a yellow card and will miss the 1/4 final first leg match, Mourinho said: "Alonso missed is not a problem we simply cannot because A aren't able to play the cry incessantly Longsuo team played well, there's no problem given that the Las or Granero partner with Hedi La. Shaheen could also, we are working to give him more encouragement. I will have a good rest in readiness for the league match. striker who scored goals, yet the most important thing is playing to be a whole, for example the team in my situation, the debate would be the two strikers are playing well. "Performance to your team within the game, Mourinho commented: "Although the score was 1 to 1, however the other tight contraction of the defense, four players deal with the problem very quickly, how can you create the threat. However, in spite of the opponent began, and very soon we controlled the game clean sheet Fanqiang the, we controlled the scene. the game is not really exciting, but Cheap Soccer Jerseys we played very aging. 3 to 0 when the players some pause, not the same the level of play. the final moment just a little worried about. "Mourinho Kaka praised add: "He played an excellent race in Italy is a pinnacle of his career, but he also has never been more efforts he made for the team great contributions for the game's first 75 minutes of your own feet feel not move, it's normal game, the most beneficial chance on the first half and Ozil, he created, My business is very content with his team's performance. "Mourinho denied team defensive ineffective:" I wouldn't see the team tortured Pepe and Ramos playing in the midfield, the other party no opportunity, the team's final moment is difficult, for the reason that team go to a halt. "Mourinho also spoke of the Real Madrid fans: "I think you could be, I can not criticize the fans, wish to know is that they feed me, we clearly hear the boos, yet the goal from group of fans is to support our There are many of the club's stadium empty, the game would not 8 million people to see Real Madrid can achieve this, be required to thank the fans, of course, there is also the situation of fan culture, support far less or more, much more enthusiasm less or maybe more. "Beckenbauer Bayern I'm fearful of Barcelona and Real Madrid, Mourinho said: "I think Beckenbauer football by far the most intelligent people, fresh unparalleled lot of experience, he could with the wisdom to resist the pressure and keep the team calm. Bayern players be capable to overcome any opponent, they are the favorites to win. "The league Real Madrid leading Barcelona to 10 points, but Mourinho asserted the next Real Madrid will still go all out, "We will spare no effort, because the league will be more important event in my opinion, for our self-esteem is extremely important Champions League glittering, nonetheless the best team won the league the team is 11 months, there are loads of be courteous to anything. " It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 03.015.2012