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New York transformation from melon need not pass,Defensive big leap? Data say no

"A fault confessed is half redressed", such as the script is very suitable for the knicks this team. Their years of output and input a proportional, urgent need a savior to the tide. The knicks signing this summer old point guard Jason kidd, race record rise steeply, industry and a voice big call "this is veteran power!" Really so magical? I'm afraid not, let us then look down.
Say first Anthony the player. He falls into the starting point is too high, and James eponymous, plus the more dream team with its as the core, the industry had the idea that "Anthony is alliance attack means the most complete player". But in fact, means more will come in handy to just go. http://www.hampage.com/20122013-season-xavi-barcelona-home-long-sleeve-soccer-jersey-p-1862.html Melon years of offensive efficiency weight not heavy, pay out papers and not very nice.
In this last season was almost qualitative - Anthony shot fell to the lowest 43.0% career, the knicks have no his presence attack a few no two cause. In other words, he is a very good at making offensive opportunities, but not particularly good at to grasp the chance to attack player. The evaluation for heavy attack light keep the melon is enough deadly, ESPN and the truth he is just "union more than twenty class player".
The trouble is that the knicks had introduce melon, reference standard but the league's top ten stars. They paid a felton, Gary's interest, Wilson - chandler, MoZi gove chips, etc. 2012-2013 Terry Away Jersey The gang now some regression, some mixed not how, but then it seems is absolutely a leg under the. The 2010-11 season before for melon, the knicks have the league's top three attack efficiency, industry and trade promotion question: attack of the space is limited, maybe expect him to defense?
To be fair, the knicks or offensive for the king's team. At that time, the small state is also very good, if not for the playoffs YaoShang, big apple corps should be and the celtics had a longer time. But last season everything changed shape, according to statistics, the knicks every 100 round only got 104.4 points in the league, only with the outside world, the 17th to their impression not serious.
Long Sleeve Lampard Home Jersey />Investigate its reason mainly has two points: one is the knicks lack of qualified point striker, this also is why novak playing time, won the team's results will be improvement. Once the team to rely on phil this, Sam's pearl these people to throw the perimeter, the result is to throw more again and no, three point shooting horrible. The second reason is quite worth pondering, that is Anthony began to pass the.
According to the statistics of ESPN, Anthony last season's assists rate reaches as high as 13.1%, far more than 7.3% of the season. See here, you may wonder, melon willing to share the ball don't you? But each player of the game, is the ability of the decision. Anthony http://www.hampage.com/20122013-season-youth-david-villa-barcelona-away-soccer-jersey-p-1278.html didn't pass to the organization degree of striker, because at the beginning of the season Douglas, bibby, not to force, force over series task, the result is ShiWuLv boom. The whole season down, the knicks ShiWuLv alliance is 4 high.
See here, you will know that the so-called "kidd arrival, let Anthony willing to share the ball" that was how ridiculous. In fact this year the team double return control, one of the biggest benefit is to make the Anthony attack simplification, don't worry about the problem of transmission. Another change is he more as 4 a, increased the proportion of play basket ball, its good ability to the other side of the big striker is like a nightmare general.

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