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Pato publicly disclose perhaps you should leave AC Milan,The key life idol Why find the 9th

Just reunite in your AC Milan myspace or facebook interactive activities, field state Pato also on Twitter and fans during a question-and-answer, patiently answered the several issues raised from the enthusiastic fans.
Was asked: "You again for AC Milan around the Champions League on goal, whatrrrs your opinion?" Pato replied: "I am happy so that you can burgled make certain within the San Siro, hear the enthusiastic cheers and large number of fans while in the stadium , i absolutely Joe Greene Throwback Jersey am very happy. "
These years many players come and go in AC Milan, and while Pato inspite of the pros and cons has been to stay here, the fans asked him: "Your loyalty is deeply gone after AC Milan, AC Milan, what attracted you when confronted with a variety of transfer from the outside to ask that you comply with stay here? "replied Pato: AC Milan, every one of the staff are very kind, outside like to stay here, Steelers Custom Nike Elite White Jersey AC Milan is sort of a big family . "
In accent they as well as game, there are plenty of the fans good Qi Patuo the non-public life, to ask him, although say the total number of languages, absolutely nothing is special tourist sites like even asked him whether regular Internet, individuals often use social networks that one. Pato said: "I would point out that the Italian, Portuguese, you will find there's little English given that I liked sea Pittsburgh Steelers Custom Nike Elite Jersey A few social network sites, I liked the most popular myspace and facebook. A network enthusiasts, and wherever to be with my Tablet, I like to recommend everyone to implement new applications in AC Milan. "
Pato's personal idol who, what Pato Milan City favorite, and Pato individuals possib to evolve are you going to multifarious problems also will still be recommend Pato replied: "I The idol is, to look at over and also shall be of Ronaldo. Milan City Troy Polamalu Nike Elite White Jersey I appreciate quite possibly the most would be the Italian soft serve ice cream, my personal chocolate taste basically can shift their unique thing, so i wish to get new shade of region, and I want blue eyes! For the best dish to consume food bacon and eggs sauce, Italian-style face. "
When asked fans care Pato life in Italy, Pato said: "I absolutely love surviving in Italy, I appreciate most is a people of Italy plus the food here!"
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