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Polish fans angry wrestling TV was fined regret missed the captain to tie the goals

Host of Polish World war 2 with Russia a 1-1 draw, a disappointment with the fans of their very own TV and throws it down Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale out of your 3rd floor, and he will be fined $ 140.
According to local media reports, the instant of your Polish team conceded a Youth WALCOTT Arsenal Home Jersey full time income within the capital of scotland- Sosnowiec, southern Poland, loyal fans can't help it to, he lifted a residence TV in the 3rd WALCOTT Arsenal Away Long Sleeve Jersey floor and throws it down, and good nobody was injured during this incident. The fans of one's TV is shattered, and getting the alarm, the Youth WALCOTT Arsenal Home Jersey cops soon got into take him away, the fans and ultimately missed the exciting goals of one's Polish team to tie a game.
Police said WALCOTT England Away Jersey the fans are angry wrestling TV becoming alcohol, they will be fine warning, how much the fine of 500 zlotys (Polish currency unit), or about $ 140. It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 06.16.2012