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Preview - Real Madrid restart magic quartet five attacks of the two sets of line-up hand-picked its four

Increase the firepower out offensive! Greek athletics, Mourinho will discharge the formation of one's "magic quartet" as outlined by the statement of the "Marca", C Luo, Kaka, Ozil, Iguassu due Benzema five offensive players, only one person could be located on the bench, Mourinho's no longer conservative, even in the event it's away to Real Madrid as well as all-out offensive, and scored 101 goals Real Madrid ammunition depot, with a strong fire on the road fixed up a / 4 knockout, get tickets in to the semi-final.During the victory from the Royal Society of Real Madrid's offensive line has revealed a deep opportunity to Mourinho believes that to advance towards semi-final, it is essential to release the organization of your "magic quartet". With the away game, Mourinho can certainly make the group all-out offensive, it happens to be unclear offensive combination is just how, nonetheless intent is very clear, that would be, with a goal to eliminate the opposite line, really do not wait until the actual Round to have the semi-finals to qualify. Mourinho believes that such articles from the world's most aggressive offensive line, Greek athletics are presented with this season, scored an overall of 101 goals, a giant ammunition depot.All competitions, C Luo has scored 45 goals, Benzema has scored 25 goals, Higuain scored 22 goals, Kaka six goals, Ozil scored three goals, five offensive master combined scored 101 goals. Marca predicted that C Ronaldo and Benzema this Cheap Soccer Jerseys game are the first stage, C Romania's main location is not any suspense, Benzema, Real Madrid currently is large numbers of indispensable, especially especially following the last round from the competition of your Royal Society who definitely have excelled.Other two locations via the Iguazu, Kaka and Ozil competition, but normal, Ozil has to be a starter, as a consequence of Royal Society of games through which he suspended for failure to debut, so, so card card and Higuain the remainder of the competition location. Mourinho likes his two forward rotation through the Champions League game, he trust Benzema, Kaka starting more liable than Higuain.Mourinho is the decision of who very clearly tends to be that Mourinho will command the c's to visit full-scale attack. Mourinho just like a conservative three-midfielder formation from a critical game, but we proved of the fact that effect is very bad, therefore, see your face of relatively weak Greek athletics, he's going to not utilize the formation of three quarter, again Alonso suspended in the game, Las also out injured, he only want to play three defensive midfielder is furthermore problematic, so decided i would increase the risk for team like the hand to attack.Mourinho will promote the responsibility of the team qualify for the pressure within the shoulders of the offensive players, the Portuguese coach to work with the team's goal to punish Greek athletics. Not surprisingly, Mourinho also recognize that the genuine Madrid player and RONALDO Home Jersey even more to be an offensive play. Villarreal match, Mourinho again three lumbar formation, Las Alonso, Hedi in midfield, nonetheless team's defense but uncomfortable, unable to control the scene If the team is quite painful. The reality is, this is simply not the only one example, the match off to CSKA Moscow, Mourinho Kaka and Iguazu about the bench, the team only got a lure the away and back before you can easlily solve game. King's Cup game in the home against Barcelona, ??Kaka and Ozil both sat the bench, results Mourinho's tactics were the Bernabeu fans booed, the final results of your levels of competition are also not satisfactory. Three games after Jose Mourinho to boost the team's offense, the end result from the results is excellent have achieved victory against Athletic Bilbao, Rayo Vallecano as well as Royal Society.In the tactical considering assist resolved, other difficulties are alone. The defensive line, Ramos, Pepe, Arbeloa position is usually to confirm that Mourinho will play left-back rather than Marcelo Cohen Bertrand. The lack of midfield, Alonso and Las allow formations there are thousands of variables, Hedi is to look for the starting Cohen Bertrand, Granero, Shaheen contains the possible opportunity to debut.Marca, Real Madrid two groups of expected starting lineup:Casillas / Arbeloa, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo / Granero, Hedi / Ozil, Kaka, C, Luo / BenzemaCasillas / Arbeloa, Pepe, Ramos, Cohen Bertrand / Hedi, Granero / Benzema, Ozil, C, Luo / Iguazu stemming from It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 03.028.2012