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Raul! Failed hero of World War 76 ball even opponents praise him immortal God Feng

The legendary Athletic Bilbao deny the perfect version within the Raul Europa League Schalke 04 home 2 to 4 lost to Athletic Bilbao after, "sports daily" when the game title on the part of the Spanish media complex emotions. Campaign Raul's heroics on the after Lorant score, Raul scored twice, once for Schalke 04 reversed the score, however, eventually the Basque people still achieved it a victory.Video Highlights - Raul ball helpless sieve defense Schalke 2-4 Bi Er Bale media Source: Sina Sports"Raul is amongst the best players inside history." It's end up being the master of the world of football wisdom, Athletic Bilbao coach Marcelo Bielsa before, praised the first kind Real Madrid in the 7th. Bielsa praised Raul, his team still suffer Raul against Athletic Bilbao eventually construct the "lion spirit" to punish the overly generous Schalke 04, and also to be expanded his well-known this holiday season Within the legend from the European competition.Lorant after scoring Schalke captain Raul to gain two goals to assist the group reversed. 22 minutes Raul for his team to tie the game Farfan pass, Uchida Benedict broke in to the restricted area about the right pass, Raul the idea Cheap Soccer Jerseys Tongshe near Kok network, that is definitely he into at the moment on the European Cup As soon as the ball, but following that he join the second goal, 59 minutes, the pass was blocked, Raul beautiful while in the restricted area arc fringe of the left foot volley network, and that is Raul 76 career World War goals . Race Raul an incredible lob, however could not become a goal to find out the wonderful performance of Raul, and perhaps the fans of Athletic Bilbao are completely just forget about him with defeat and cheers, Raul their opponents.Since Schalke 04 players to have pleasure in the the Raul magic, but in addition gave to be able to deal with the problem by Athletic Bilbao. Lorant, de Marquez, Mu Nian has produced history on the record: to deny Raul's best night in Europe, and achieved accomplishment in a very memorable game. "Aspen" is described that has a wonderful language, said: "This game of Raul may be a beautiful and moving, extraordinary, fantastic. Raul isn't really playing football, he will be with the bull fighting inside dance. within the show. two goals ahead of end of your game is RONALDO Youth Away Jersey to the hat-trick, nonetheless the 35-year-old forever over the 7th suffered a reality today, it is using the reality of your passage of this time: a brand new generation of Spain player moved past the past, they opened up an amazing moment. today, the young player's success is reflected from the Lorant (the very same brace), De Alex Harvey Martinez, Geka players. this game is historic, as Athletic Bilbao at the moment, every game during the European cup. Athletic Bilbao is the dark horse on the current European Cup, they even overcome good version of Raul and Schalke 04. "May be valued at mentioning that before the end on the first half, the 2 generations of opponents with the Spanish national team also staged a scene in a direct contest, Raul when the realization the steals in a very restricted zone close to the the important point Lorant to a Chuandang pull action, but little action, but Raul fell down, the referee is not a penalty, Athletic Bilbao fought back quickly, although the referee Pedro immediately sounded no more the half whistle.Athletic Bilbao for making every effort to defeat Schalke 04 on Saturday, they'll be away against Barcelona MARCELO Third Champions League Soccer Jersey next Thursday, they should contest with Schalke 04 game, Raul may even give to them a challenging spot. "Aspen," said Raul is still present among the finest players, even in football history, he or she is also are in the annals of your star, although the opportunity to Athletic Bilbao are infinite, both of them sides then the contest will spark radiance. Believe it or not each team against Spain, Raul 're feeling, and last season he had to break the door of Valencia inside Champions Cup, and ultimately that can help Schalke eliminated Valencia.During the European competition that the gym has, Raul has scored 76 ball, which ranked first during the good his leading six goals within the second Inzaghi Di Stefano of Real Madrid old legend is far more than 26 goals. Bielsa right after the game to keep to praise Raul: compare the striker's ball number and manufacture scoring opportunities and goals, describes the challenge the Raul indicators in connection with this to prove that he is a preeminent striker. "Lorant following game fiction is in addition expressed praise for Raul:" Raul's performance was unbelievable, the old guy or simply a two by two from the goals. " It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 03.031.2012