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Real concern about 53 million price to dispose of the same thing this excess of Manchester United, Barcelona

Perhaps on the upcoming new season, fans may observe the second on the earth "Emirate Airlines" stadium: Simply not in North London, nonetheless football temple in mainland Europe - Santiago Bei Nabu stadium.
Yes, Following enclosure cash to clear out an incredible debt are the real deal Madrid 12 issue, the original Madrid president Florentino Perez, the Galaxy two began a 2nd money-making scheme. And selling the first time through the first football to survive that fit this description Perez sell the Bei Nabu stadium naming rights, an equivalent intention to achieve the ultimate in football and perhaps the concept of sports: the possible gain of 53 Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys million euros every single year, is Global Stadium 3 x outrageous while in the title! Combined with Emirate Airlines is getting ready to start in 2013/14 season, his chest advertising (22 million euros), truly Bei Nabu transformation territory while in the shopping mall and 5 star hotels, Real Madrid have been in the commercial income is in excess of the Barcelona Bayern and Manchester United's competitors, to carry on already in the market chasing.
Replacement action enclosure also misappropriating
Real Madrid has won outrageous across the globe of 136 million TV rights, but the land at Real Madrid 12 yrs ago to promote the cash sponsorship revenue BENZEMA Away Jersey model has almost reached its limit. Perez Galaxy couple of years has invested 400 million euros, cancel "Beckham rate" vacation, Real Madrid's annual salary expenditure reached 300 million euros. Real Madrid's revenue from year to year growth for seven consecutive years, 1st on earth, precisely the end of last season exceeded 500 million euros, nonetheless too few to form this football Hollywood good functioning. All things considered, Real Madrid close to 700 million total external debt is still hanging in Perez head the sword of Damocles.
Of course, the great developers Peres of constructing financial resources are still on to the ground - in the last year http://www.fauxboheme.com Real Madrid and Madrid city government to negotiate. July 17, Perez's efforts finally got results: Madrid City Hall Planning Board agreed with Real Madrid for your increase of Bei Nabu earned a land exchange, one days in front of the Madrid High Court overturned the first sort decision and told her i would the land belonging to the municipal planning exchange behavior, as a result the Real the Bei Nabu transformation and pitches within the building plans have been completely no obstacle. Real Madrid after which pay the green space labeled as "Bei Nabu Corner" that will accommodate about 500 parking spaces, Real Madrid certainly is the RONALDO Away Jersey construction of some other new recreation area can accommodate 538 parking spaces, and construction along the coast of ??exchange with a capacity of underground carpark of 300 parking spaces based on stadium need. Real Madrid but additionally to surrender is presently centered at Bei Nabu corner sort of ??6858 square meters of economic district, you might have a park, with regards to neighboring land is transferred to Madrid City Hall for public green areas and public projects developments.
Perez to build Bei Nabu positive Castile Avenue near a 5216 square meters of open space in a new large shopping mall plus a room class of ??12250 square RONALDO Home Jersey meters of five-star hotel. Versus no economic equity green space and parking, two suction gold construction is done, is predicted being make certain salary of at the least $ 30 million for certain Madrid. Real Madrid has selected three teams of architectural design companies to bid towards the transformation plan, the previous successful bidder could be announced on September 15. Shimon Peres is anticipated the fact that the renovation project very last four years, will cost to as much as 100 million. Obviously, if no new revenue, it's Real Madrid's heavy spending burden. Out of this background, the $ 64000 Madrid stadium naming scheme will be surfaced.

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