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Real Madrid and Barcelona get together yet again!Or 15 million euros

Real Madrid and Barcelona century enemies, the battle regarding the two giants However, the on-going round of World Cup qualifiers in Brazilian, when the match, the two main giants, but rarely to get to binding agreement, invested 150,000 euros to rent a private jet, Argentina, Chile game several players will participate in the fastest method pick Spain. Thus of Higuain Dimaliya, Mascherano, Messi, Sanchez are the initially oh no- Spain to put together for www.townwideyardsale.com/nike-mens-chicago-bears-customized-game-white-jersey-s4xl-p-415.html ones weekend's league.
Chile local time at 21:05 at the October 16 game against Argentina, vacation, October 17, 2:05. Following a end on the game, two Real Madrid players Higuain, Mary, three Barcelona players Javier Mascherano, Messi, Sanchez and Barcelona club physiotherapist Hu Anhuo was quickly received an airport in San Diego, followed by aircraft pull off, fly direct to Spain. From Chile to Spain from well over 10,000 km, the aircraft to fly http://www.townwideyardsale.com/nike-mens-baltimore-ravens-customized-game-white-jersey-s4xl-p-409.html 15 hours, that is, the aircraft will get to the night of 17 local time, Spain. It can be reported that your aircraft will fly to Madrid down Higuain and Dimaliya, Messi, they will sent Barcelona.
The two giants paid uniform 150,000 euros, one simple day at the start to permit these players revisit Spain. Aboard commercial flights, these players exploring the afternoon of October 18 to revisit Spain. That players within the league http://www.townwideyardsale.com/nike-mens-buffalo-bills-customized-game-royal-blue-jersey-s4xl-p-410.html on Saturday before, are only allowed to get involved in every single day of learning martial arts, and are available back each and every day early, the players are actually qualified to participate in the two-day training. It is usually worth mentioning that as it is typical expense, theoretically Barcelona to compensate additional, because Barcelona four passengers, while Real Madrid just two, but more than a period faraway from Madrid to Barcelona.
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