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Real Madrid battle Bayern at the moment are four controversial penalty the Galacticos lucky to emerge from the penalty red card

UEFA announced that Bayern and Real Madrid Champions League semi-final first leg versus the referee for England Weber, the two main teams the two of you suck a deep breath. Although Weibo Gui to your international well-known referee, also authorities Champions League final together with the 2010 World Cup finals, but his reputation happens to be good. Because inside the 2010 World Cup final, the Dutchman De Jong remember flying kick action, Alonso pain lying on the ground, but referee Webb as well as then the Dutch produced a yellow card. Video - Bayern Munich Real Madrid controversial penalty Galacticos escape penalty red card media sources: Sina Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale Sports Bayern corporations defeat in your Champions League final whenever the referee is Weber.Affirmed, the race to the first 15 minutes, the game appeared inside a controversial penalty. Bayern to the right was dealt with subtlety the Robben a clever Zhise to Franck Ribery, Franck Ribery inside penalty area in disguise extraordinary, Ramos is facing hook pull action, Franck Ribery fell to the floor Weber do not stop the match motioned to continue. Franck Ribery inside protest, nearly the golfer along with the Real Madrid defender Pepe, Abel Figueroa, physical altercations. The slow-motion display, Franck Ribery within a breakthrough in Ramos, Ramos uses the legs, hands still GIGGS Home Jersey pulling action.You will find no penalty, but Bayern took the lead. The game 17 minutes, Bayern off to the left corner following ball hit Ramos who rebounded to Batubell, bounce, the Ribery attentive to grab the initial impact point shot to get rid of! Though the Real Madrid players protest to referee Webb, indicating Bayern player Gustavo standing offside line, minimize the goalkeeper. Nevertheless the slow-motion Gustavo wouldn't perform the attack, following game, "Marca" newspaper within a interview a retired referee Oliver, Oliver said: "Franck Ribery shot Gustavo obviously didn't actively attend offensive , there's no offside phenomenon. "If the game outside the end, the dispute renewed. SERGIO RAMOS Away Jersey The game 87 minutes, Franck Ribery left offensive, passing to search out Mueller. Muller then invested in Gomez. Gomez purchase the ball in the restricted area, fell to the floor within the double double-teamed under Ramos with Cohen Bertrand, Weber still not too indicate the game to continue anger Gomez hand hammer to protest from the referee. " exploitation from the Bayern penalty. Slow motion, Gomes got the ball when, Ramos was disclosing before you go the ball, while Gomez followed behind Cohen Bertrand met. As reported by the rules of football, such cases is probably not a lack of success. Therefore, Weber, this became challenged penalty SERGIO Jersey is right.In injury time, Weber's first penalty aroused the dissatisfaction of this Bayern players. Marcelo during the ring clean sheet was, The then Fanqiang uprooting 1 another fiercely behind Muller. Muller then fell down clutching his foot. This really naked behind tackles action, in the event that red card, but Webber was addressed leniently, after which give Marcelo a yellow card receive a stern warning. Marcelo indefensible position to accept the initiative to Muller handshake. Muller anger bypassing Marcelo's hand, as well as loud snapped. Retired referee Oliver said after a game: "Real Madrid is extremely lucky, Marcelo action is amazingly dangerous, deserving of a red card." It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 04.018.2012