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Real Madrid best be trample on history

In 5 than 1 victory over bilbao athletics later, Barcelona at 14 wheel after the game, breaking the original record of real Madrid, created the Spanish one of history's most excellent start record.
Bela nova team start in la liga in 14 games unbeaten, won 13-1 flat, breaking the record of the 1991/92 season AnDiJi teach the real Madrid keep start 12 wins, two draws history best start record.
Antonio Brown Women's Nike Game Jersey />Barcelona la liga this season before six wins, after real Madrid at home and 2-2 draw with, and then after the seven round made 7 wins in a row. Barcelona not only created a team history best record, but also created the best start in the history of la liga.
1991/92 of the real Madrid in the first 13 wheel 12 wins and a draw, but in the 14th Troy Polamalu Nike Elite White Jersey wheel and zaragoza 1-1 draw, and with a 5 Barcelona than 1 break the record. In the 1991/92 that one real Madrid at 14 wheel obtained after 38 points, but after two games get 1 draw 1 negative, 16 wheel after the game to 39 points, and Barcelona at 14 wheel after they made 40 points.
See Barcelona situation, it seems that there is no stop. To bilbao athletics, Troy Polamalu Women Nike Game Jersey Barcelona scored five goals, the 19 shots which 10 times hit the target at peak can use to score goals, Harvey, iniesta, pedro for messi and cesc fabregas make the area of chances to score, and Basque lions in front of Barcelona politically untenable.
At 14 wheel later, Barcelona has been leading the second atletico Madrid six points, leading the third real Madrid 11 points.
Barcelona will always remain Troy Polamalu Nike Limited Jersey unbeaten? This is also the goal of Barcelona to impact. Barcelona of the 2010/11 season had continuous 31 games unbeaten, 27 victory 4 flat; And the Spanish consecutive unbeaten record is royal society in the 1979/80 season keep 32 consecutive unbeaten, 18 wins and flat. And 2009/10 season, Barcelona coach josep guardiola has achieved a record of 99 points, the season has 31-6 flat 1 negative record.
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