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Real Madrid mixed hesitate to totally fell by helping cover their Mourinho Mike Mussina's only fear is he who

Mourinho's iron-fisted coach will likely be concerned about a player? Marriage ceremony fiction but undeniable. Members of the squad in order to make Mourinho deadly Las Diarra, Real Madrid's French midfielder. Right now, the Las Mourinho relationship is very tense, players and coaches, extending its love to the extent of fire and ice, "Aspen" reporters the Long Seluo on the "Penalty Kick" program on the Spanish television broke good news, Las to "physical threat" for the extent of Mourinho, Mourinho also admitted that she failed to dare and Las.Mourinho to take care of Las Long Seluo disclosed a tv personality, and after Giants Nike Jerseys this somewhat timid, he wouldn't dare and Las Las face Mourinho's tough coach, however courage to vote The eye area within the provocation. Real Madrid off to Villarreal (March 21), Las on the first 28 minutes were substituted, apparently he was very angry after he repeatedly called his wound, refused to participate in in your competition, Jose Mourinho are likewise excluded from your squad as punishment. Both parties the already fragile relationship is utterly broken.Las contract with Real Madrid due in June 2013, but contract negotiations with Real Madrid as a result of his annual salary has long rupture. Valencia, Las Mourinho Victor Cruz Reebok Jersey out on big report on outside, he seized to be able to lightning tour on the stop by to Turkey. He and club Feineibahe the senior of your (Feineibahe Club Chairman Aziz, brother) touched the top, the two of you have dinner.Long Seluo says Mourinho seems to be very tough, fearless, yet the face of Las, nevertheless it appears to having no confidence, the French several times a day within the team training using eye "spike" Mourinho Mourinho a sense of being a "personal threat". Mourinho even the people around them, said: "Las certainly is the only thing I did not dare Victor Cruz Women Jersey to be him inside eyes of the players is quite strong personality, you can not get him to the bench, because doing so sudden, something he maybe is in the locker room. "Mourinho will not accept is always that, Las remind Higuain: "You usually do not Mourinho 's that fellow lied to." In Higuain hesitant if you should keep at Real Madrid, Mu Li Niao tolerate express their confidence in Iraq Higuain, the Argentine Mourinho's resolve forpersistance to impress, and ultimately thought to stay, but to remind Las Higuain don't believe in Jose Mourinho, since he was Portuguese fool. In reality, Las Victor Cruz Nike Jersey early in the year . 5 ago got clear that he or she really wants to leave Real Madrid. AC Milan was sent to him an invitation, but Mourinho has stated that Real Madrid ought to Las. Of Houla Si to create a compromise, Florentino stated that just before the end of the year, he will be loyal to they, nonetheless the end of the season, the club permit him go, when Florentino and Mourinho also endorsed Las summer to allow him go.However, Las eventually find yourself fooled, Mourinho, neither permit him to firmly set up in an important, these folks were Victor Cruz Super Bowl Jersey unwilling to permit him to go. Last summer, the Las once refused to rejoin, even Mourinho still phone roar: "You with Hedi La, smart decision own individuals who are interested, I've truly you lied to several times, I would not be affected by your cheat you're a big liar! rid yourself of me! "and later varied reasons, Las holiday in the c's, but he still don't get enough playing time, the very last against Real Madrid and Mu Li Niao completely give up hope, and she's actively touching the Turkish club, seeking to leave Real Madrid following on from the end of the year. It is composed by MofengNewYorkGiantsJerseys 05.010.2012