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Real Madrid offer must formally cable purchase Tetsuei another Jiang Yuan Bundesliga title negotiations

Introduction to a right-back is the first variety of Real Madrid now, Mourinho has utilized seven players within this position, but hasn't already found the perfect person, now,, Pishi Cech, Dortmund has entered Real Madrid signings variety of them.Mourinho has started building team battle the 3rd type of season's lineup, "Marca" said Mourinho executives managed to get clear that Real Madrid august, have to introduce a right back defender undertake a stable appearance capability to work independently during the defensive line. In 2010, Real Madrid right-back position of obvious defects, Mourinho has used this situation to Ramos, Guevara, Albiol, Arbeloa, Cohen Bertrand, Las, Al Teng care S & P, however for various New York Giants Jerseys reasons, members of the squad through this position is actually not able to fixed, Mourinho believes of the fact that overall strength belonging to the team so that you can will begin to improve, it is crucial to introduce the right back.Spanish TV six revealed the signings preferred by Real Madrid right-back position: Polish Pishi Cech. As outlined by six television to state, Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund Club negotiations were for some time, right back the second month are going to be at a minimum 27 yrs . old, worth around 10 million euros, while using principle of affordable. Mourinho believes Pishi Cech significantly using needs of Real Madrid, this Polish Victor Cruz Reebok Jersey fast, aggressive, one meter tall and 86 of his heading ability is good, mainly because the change derives from the midfield, Pi Shenqie g in addition has versatile characteristics. Pishi Cech eventually joined Real Madrid, he will be reunited with former teammate Shaheen.With the European Cup, held september, Pishi Cech is definitely the main of Poland, there's no doubt that Real Madrid can be really wary of the Pishi Cech's performance on the European cup. European Cup four years ago, Pishi Cech receive some playing time, but not the key, and so he is required to receive more playing time. Aside from right-back, defensive line, Real Madrid also hope that introduction connected Victor Cruz Women Jersey with a defender Carvalho and Albiol following your end of year, bound to leave Real Madrid, they only Pepe, Ramos, and Wallachia three Your opponent is undoubtedly not sufficient.In midfield, Real Madrid want to introduce a defensive midfielder to switch over the summer will leave the Frenchman Las. "Aspen" said midfielder player in Real Madrid visits the transfer market has become for a while, Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid coach quite promising Argentine Bigeliya. 26-year-old Bigeliya nicknamed "Little Prince", the captain of Anderlecht, Belgium, Bigeliya ball capacity could be very strong as a defensive midfielder, he had been a 17-year-old following national team in Argentina and aged under 20 national team captain, Victor Cruz Nike Jersey also portion of Argentina participated in the 2011 America's Cup, took part in the game against Panama and nicaragua , and Uruguay.Las now check out Italy has recently decided that they was negotiating with some other clubs as Galatasaray and Feineibahe, Real Madrid and felt that they're going to not manage to holdback. Real Madrid early during the past year to finalize the transfer within the Shaheen officially announced (May 9, 2011), Real Madrid just want to finalized Las substitute quickly, the Belgian media that Bigeliya worth 9000000-12000000 euros room. Bigeliya contract with Anderlecht to maturity in 2015, but he was longing to participate Europe's top clubs, are willing to put pressure Victor Cruz Super Bowl Jersey on Anderlecht for Real Madrid."Near the end of my career at Anderlecht. My dream is usually to play vacation." Bigeliya undisguised yearning genuine Madrid on an interview, "La Liga would be the world's highest a higher standard League, probably Spain We are very attractive, in fact, Now i am very acquainted with which there. I love Alonso. For me, they are the offensive and defensive balance of power by Real Madrid and Spain, and he or perhaps a model player, "Mourinho would like to introduce Bigeliya, apparently also Alonso and discover great responsibility-sharing substitute. "Aspen," said the agent of Bigeliya recently to Madrid to barter with Real Madrid, Bigeliya joining the Bernabeu concerned, may soon result. It is composed by MofengNewYorkGiantsJerseys 05.010.2012