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Second high salaries within the squad!AC Milan officially announced the continued Yuediyage - Silva

The evening of July 2, AC Milan officially announced the renewal with Brazilian defender Tia Ge - Silva 2017, the annual salary increase to 6 million euros.
Tiago - Silva last summer, simply with Milan to do anything, then your contract to June 30, 2016, the annual salary roughly € 4 million. Cheap Soccer Jerseys If you want to have the 27-year-old Brazilian defender Milan during the warm months again renew their contract, the fresh contract will expire on June 30, 2017, the annual salary rose to around Six million euros. This is certainly Milan, Milan, the team paid (tied with Robinho), second as well as then WALCOTT Arsenal Away Long Sleeve Jersey Sweden striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Milan out to Silva's salary is Six million annual salary and bonus policy, resulting in more games played, the greater number of salary.
During the ecu Cup, French media reported that Tiago - Silva happens to be infinitely in the vicinity of joining Paris Saint-Germain, Brazilians and perhaps WALCOTT Arsenal Home Long Sleeve Jersey from the joining only a thin signatures and physical examination, playing with the last minute of negotiations Berlusconi stopped the transaction. Silva to stay in they. However, shortly thereafter, Tiago - Silva's agent to ask about for the annual salary of 7.5 million euros to Milan, Galliani feels your club can't buy DE ROSSI Italy Home Soccer Jersey the top expenses, Paris took the capability to as just stated intervene, hoping the high salaries to lure seats Salvador to hitch.
To leave Brazilian defender, poor economic status of AC Milan will also be considered below the original capital, the club eventually Brazilians from a to resume the original contract judging Italy Away Jersey by twelve month, the annual salary rose to € 6,000,000, based on the Italian tax system, Milan for Silva to pay for 12 million euros one year, 5 years is 60 million euros. The renewal to be considered due to this summer in Paris, Barcelona, Manchester City team snapped the Brazilian story ends.

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