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Small law: the initiative to ask the fate on the penalty fifth ball 4 years ago

Spain on penalties 4-2 victory over Portugal, the first person to get into the European Cup final. The penalty shootout, Ramos spoon a problem shot, Fabregas then kick another one penalty. Small law after a game stated that he is independently initiative to kick the very last one penalty.
Fabregas said: "I have not yet kicked outside of Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys an awesome game, even so choose to kick a final penalty. 4 years ago, the final penalty kick, and tonight It looks like I throw a special an opportunity to I mentioned Tony - Rio Grande, not the second, I would like to fifth. fate provided another opportunity. "four prohibited by way of small law kick another one GATTUSO Italy Home Soccer Jersey a penalty, eliminated Italy. Small law also mentioned that the penalty in Barcelona website great number of good players through the squad.
Spain just didn't play well the adventure saying, Fabregas denied and said: "We attack, we control the playback quality - small law surgeon moves in the matador audience bolted to celebrate the victory of media sources: MARCHISIO Italy Home Soccer Jersey Sina Sports game, deserving of promotion with this particular very excited and grateful in the fans, every day are usually balanced with this. "
Fabregas added: "Now we predict of the final to Germany or Italy can be an exhilarating final."
Pique: "This is a brand new in doing my career penalty kick, I think very confident."
Casillas PEPE Italy Home Soccer Jersey said: "we are lucky during the Champions League isn't good, but this period we're lucky."
Iniesta outlook to your final, said: "have a different sort of form of football in Germany and Italy. Seems like no individual good Italian, they have a good and strong defense."
Arbeloa right after the game evaluation of C Ronaldo: "Cristiano Ronaldo - PIRLO Italy Home Soccer Jersey in order to complete an amazing session on the European Cup with three goals, 4 times the post and is also our planet's most outstanding player."
Villa Special congratulations by pushing Spain: "Come to Spain! We say hello to the final incredible, congratulations towards team you are the best you worthy of promotion to hug everyone." It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 06.28.2012