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South tertiary: Spanish referee rotten or England the referee bad? They are all heroes

Shakespeare in "king Lear" wrote: "for the gods speaking, we like violence children's eyes of flies: they kill us just to do sport."
Football has a strange phenomenon: all countries declared his domestic the referee the worst. In Spain, people often hear such a saying: "if we referee can like England the referee so good!" A lot of people think that English football general, but the referee aspects they are doing the best. England people invented football rules, they are also the rules using the best. Seems to be in England no corruption, the referee will not partial to any side of the game: there, fair competition is the main melody.
But we Danny Woodhea Elite Patriots Jersey have had a message that, England people refuse to admit being inferior, they also want to compete for the title of the worst. If you sit in a London tavern around the England man said, Spanish referee is one of the world's worst, he will be very confused look you, then smile to say to you: "come on! You're got to be kidding......" When you try to let him believe that you are not kidding, he nu: "don't such a bitch! Than England the referee also rotten? Impossible."
Last weekend was put on such a dialogue of good opportunity, the England man is so. At that time the wheel the premier league two Chandler Jones Elite White Patriots Jersey games this results not by players decision, but by the referee's decision. Chelsea lost to Manchester united and at home, "the blues" once only nine men. Torres because flopping eat to a second yellow card was sent off. At the time that case, like messi as players may not fell, but then each other player really met fernando torres. The British media agreed that the referee decisions too severe.
When a match comes to the end, Mexican el, she scored the winning goal for Manchester united, but the ball also are controversial. El, when she catch in the offside position, but the assistant referee no banner. If the end of the season Manchester Dan Connolly Elite White Patriots Jersey united ahead of Chelsea 1 minute or two points title, Chelsea will think that scudetto not depend on the strength, but depends on the referee. Another controversial match is Liverpool the Derby against everton, the game finally into 2-2 draw. The last one minute, Louis suarez goal be annulled, but actually at that time doesn't exist offside. If the end of the season because of two points for Liverpool in the champions league and even (who knows?) Relegation, "red army" fans will never forget that is why.
The referee's this several times miscarriage of justice is England football circle hot topic. A lot of people feel discontent, there are a lot of people Chandler Jones Limited Patriots Jersey feel angry. Liverpool captain Steven gerrard is add fuel to the flames, he revealed that his post-match asked assistant referee ever see offside, result the referee said: "I think yes." "It is not enough to make him give flag, because he is not sure." Gerrard said. However, what's the matter just enough, or to determine what circumstance? No one can give the answer. Why? Because the problem is not the solution. Even in the winter air temperature low also can become complain of reason, in short, people have been complaining about. But now is November and we also live in the northern hemisphere, for the arrival of winter there's nothing we can do.

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