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Spanish cattle! Shengkaxi more cattle!European Cup nights the birth of two new record!

Spain won again! Les Bleus face never win within the contest, world champion Spain at a loss for tearing heli-copter flight mask of France stopped the West, but not only the scene fully dominant, but firmly occupy the possession, forfeit the Frenchman eliminated out.
Alonso's gift of a hundred games, scored twice, the Frenchman thoroughly appreciate the tip-free front tactics on holiday, still hidden at a sharp blade. On this victory, Spain inside European Cup on stage consecutively to help keep the tenth Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys game unbeaten Re-decorating the European Cup will be the longest recorded so far. Shall we remind ourselves with the story eight rice inside the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal in 2004, never inside national contest victory over Spain, why is considered the face on this "I've never overcome the curse, the Spaniards once again lose own psychological qualities, as well as 1 lost to your neighbors of the Iberian Peninsula, he do not forced an entry the European Cup playoff series. But turned the corner, Spain Home Jersey blowing Red Storm the Matador Corps after 4 years, the audience match invincible will no longer stage fright phenomenon, knockout is fought more Italy, the victory over Russia, the next Dingfan the German car. 2008 European Cup, Spain unbeaten achievement for the final climb to # 1. Unbeaten record, however, remains to be a continuation in the European Cup in 12 years Spain still flash. To tie the game play as just stated your face of this sophistication of Italian backwardness, preserved the Germany Long Sleeve Jersey undefeated achievements. 4 ball swept Ireland, lore, Croatia, the gang Spain guy have become aware of victory. And tonight, they step on the Frenchman's take a look at complete the eu Cup unbeaten record!
Leaving aside the team's victories while in the European Cup field are frequent, a record of this team captain Iker Casillas is the way more, opponents trembling. Tonight zero closure France, Casillas will have to maintain the European Cup and World Cup playoff series 690 minutes without conceding a France Home Jersey goal, seven real deal game, course . includes two overtime. 690 minutes contest the playoffs without conceding an objective, this record is sufficient disdain all goalkeeper Iker Casillas. The third enter the competition knockout Casillas goal was team-mate Zinedine Zidane that period of time also goes back with the 2006 World Cup. Since then, the major despots, Italy, Russia, Portugal, Paraguay, the Netherlands or twice encountered the German failure to interrupt with the door guarded by Casillas.
So God-class performance, beyond the media France Soccer Jersey unanimously revered Casillas shengkaxi ". Because a reporter asked this inquiry, the very first goalkeeper on the globe is amazingly modest, he stated: "I was called to shengkaxi, system very moved. At the least, we will be due to title 'Saint' I, as good as the name called the Cock wire whenever I hear the name I found myself very moved, Regards contact me, employing any case, I'm merely a goalkeeper, may be the country of Spain, I'm not a saint. "
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