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Team spirit? Global hegemony? Ibrahimovic field Nuze Shala Wei!A handsome interviews infinite delay

Ibrahimovic and Allegri's quarrel or no Ye Hao, this blog has been surrended, but around Ibrahimovic news continues, once the match against Lecce, the night sky Taiwan's premier football columns reporter conflict, from the game, he also said teammate Al - Shala Wei dissatisfaction, plus the key stages of the championship, Ibrahimovic being a little for the powder keg in their game play most vividly for team in addition have a positive role, his temper has developed into "double-edged sword," sleep issues.Field Al - Shala Wei was at the last moment to Robinho debut, perhaps there are not enough warm-up several passing timing is simply not particularly great site on the right probability to counterattack, Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the far the purchaser has opened oxygen when the ball, Shala Wei timely transfer Ibrahimovic at least in a restricted area left corner there's a one-on-one opportunity, Shala Wei looks to determine the the situation of Ibrahimovic, nevertheless the pilling great deviation directly presented to the goalkeeper Bei Naxi hands, you turned to Ibrahim, the Swede together with right hand rubbed look of anger were forcibly repressed expression.But the very next time, Ibrahimovic can not refrain, injury time, a 3 to play three opportunities, Al - Shala Wei Road, the ball towards the face of a defender, Ibrahim has always wanted the ball while in the left, though the Shala Wei seems to prefer to attract about re-transmission of your defender, took his legs, but lost the optimum time to pass the ball after which you can allocated to Ibrahimovic, into two defender anti Ibrahimovic final Ibrahimovic then transmitted should the ball is broken, Ibrahimovic could stand it can not sit on the floor with open arms towards the Shala Wei roared with what Pharaoh only hear envy.Should Ibrahimovic temper in the pitch is not that all through the malicious, but what sort of impact will not be clear to the young players, if your famous reporter Aoer Di said: "Pato is very much Zlatan Ibrahimovic curse nervous about , "Indeed, the four goals from the Pato this season in all of competitions, merely one scored by Ibrahimovic the employment of the ball into, whether it be the Champions League victory against Barcelona and Pilsen, or Italy Cup of Novara, in Ibrahimovic could not Cheap Soccer Jerseys play. Interestingly, Ibrahimovic year without playing the game, is a handful of one or two games have captivated with Pato goal.Shala Wei is within the Champions League game, Ibrahimovic caused it to be clear that "do different the three strikers, Robinho obviously are not able to win, so Shala Wei logical returning to the bench, Allegri in this field is strictly work with the configuration of these two strikers, in accordance with the requirements Ibrahimovic, Shala Wei play is replaced Robinho but Ibrahimovic This pass Puhou, the psychological quality of young players perform a little test.When considering the three strikers surrounding the Champions League in London Alegre and Ibrahimovic that quarrel, the media happens to be speculation for merely a week's time. Even though the extent of Ibrahimovic and Allegri, denied that exchanges rose to the stage of the quarrel, but as a minimum they have admitted how the "tactics of the presence of, and when all parties were very excited indeed, and then came the media Allegri and Ibrahimovic to get a "face-to-face conversation, both Galliani in the on Lecce pre-match press conference, Allegri said" ahead of the team the word what clearly, like Pato, as a lot Dubai "," no person can be special. "Allegri Galliani expressed this attitude.In actual fact, according to Gazzetta dello Sport said the 2 sides that established "face to handle conversation hasn't started," Corriere dello Sport "noted Allegri and goalkeeping coach the Landale Qi cycling relaxed situation appears AC Milan coach really good mood, just didn't he is in psychological warfare and Ibrahimovic? For Ibrahimovic in the team together become increasingly depending on his superior personal ability, amazing temper a lot more - sometimes, team spirit and global hegemony sometimes very fine line between .Fortunately, the situation with Nesta, no matter how the internal contradictions on Ibrahimovic hasn't risen into the fate in the Layiaola stopped by reporters on Friday, was asked whether Ibrahimovic to Real Madrid rumors true, Layiaola was very excited: "Let me farther far from these dog feces rumors, I'm not an entertainment reporter, I am a serious person" is facing an increase, renewal, Ibrahimovic to go out of is not possible, but exactly how to make a greater extent play a dynamic role, limiting his temper, AC Milan ought to do. It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 03.013.2012