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The desire a war, won the 76-year-guns with a break three records! 30 history

Beijing, August 13, Team USA successfully defended his Olympic championship for their final hard beat Spain. With Bryant - Bryant age increases, the states Basketball necessitates the birth of any new leader, Kevin - Durant should be probably the most suitable candidate. London, albeit his debut for the Olympics, but Durant use to rewrite two of the U.S. men's basketball record to prove that he's the most suitable candidates for future leaders. A war with Spain, NBA Jerseys For Sale Durant ho breaking 76 several years of the 3 USA Basketball to participate in Olympic history records: 1 session of total score, an individual session of scoring first, the original from the Olympic final, scored 30 people.
Durant is actually ahead of final 126 points, he averaged 18 points to steer the U.S. team. Prior USA Basketball in the Olympics, scoring Spencer - Haywood, he played nine games on the 1968 Olympic Games total of 145 Michael Jordan Authentic Throwback Bulls Jersey points, averaging 16.1 points. It means that Durant on the final 20 points, he will create the Olympic U.S. men's basketball players total score and scoring two records.
Beginning with the game Durant to the hot hand was hot, the most important section has 12 points, the 1st half 17 points, his distance to develop a record of only a stone's throw away. Vote score on the third quarter and 4 minutes and 3 seconds, Durant LeBron James 2012 Finals Jersey Authentic one out of mind, his scoring to 21 points, he's successfully made personal total score within the U.S. men's basketball players within the Olympics and scoring two records. Durant to kick the record will not this to give up, he is still actively in the offensive, and ultimately finished 30 points, he became the Olympic history, merely a final score of 30 . Durant to 156 points, to establish a total score record, and Haywood was Jason Kidd Authentic Knicks Jersey applied in nine games, Durant now only eight games. The averaged score Durant 19.5 points is far earlier than Haywood, he became well-deserved U.S. Olympic men's basketball scoring.
FIBA game is fantastic for design and style of play in Durant, the 2011 World Championships, he proved himself in the case of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James along with big Truce Durant performance proved they could become a team leader. This occassion Kobe Bryant and Lebron to assist Marcus Camby Knicks Road Authentic Jersey the matter, Durant's offensive continues to sharp, he could be a U.S. team's most threatening offensive points, averaging 19.5 points in there all. More vital is always that Durant is not just offensive sharp, the anesthetist can always differentiate yourself in the crucial moment to guide they. Through the final few games, Durant has several short-term sudden score outbreak to assist the c's pulled away available as one fell swoop a lead.

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