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The lakers took explain 9.3 seconds error arrangement

The last shot this to who? This be the lakers and the spurs after the game a topic. The final 9.3 seconds, the lakers two points behind, artest will be the ball to feet pau gasol, the latter will ball not to come, but chose a three-point shot. The ball is not in, the lakers lost 82-84.
After the game, pau gasol said the ball to kobe Bryant was arranged. "We wanted to through the Dwight Howard's a pick-and-roll, Barcelona Away Jersey let Bryant in HuDing to catch the ball," gasol said.
However, the ball hair to pau gasol hands, he failed to again to kobe Bryant, can only try to three points long shot. Pau gasol said he shot the feeling after is good, he in training can often put into such a ball.
Since the coach arrangement the last vote for kobe Bryant, why the ball but gave to pau gasol? "It is my design," artest said, "coach arrangement Villa Away Jersey tactics is give the ball to kobe, when Bryant was staring at very tight, so I was like, put the ball to the two-time champion member Paul (gasol) right, he almost put into the ball."
Well, gasol is the lakers two even members of the crown, but he is not the NBA champion three points. This season so far, gasol's 3-point percentage is 20%, only five shots. Pau gasol indeed into three points in the lakers and Spain he Xavi Long Sleeve Home Jersey it did, but this day night luck is not his side.
"We must be the brain bad," Bryant so describe the last attack. After the game, kobe Bryant or a full face of surprise, he to add rope loudly rang rang, think that the ball can pass over. When kobe Bryant in the three point line by outside prevent dead, went to the basket, look have a very small space. In the back players channel, kobe Bryant still ask Puyol Away Long Sleeve Jersey artest just the ball exactly what is going on. Kobe Bryant looks a little angry, "I'm not angry," Bryant said. "it was a wrong decision."
Artest for the temporary decision, temporary coach Scott tower than husband or give support: "I don't think (it is a wrong decision), when someone in the vacancy, so choose to have nothing to doubt. Pau gasol at that time were open, no matter what the time meet this situation, I will do so."
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