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The new Man utd Huang 180 ball beyond George Best season 33 goals across Europe, only learning about to 3 people

4-4, can be a classic game starts and stops! Jelavic and Pienaar in the last moment, kept up with two goals, not just in help Everton for taking away a spot at Old Trafford, also destroyed a war of Rooney's career milestone. - Sir Bobby Charlton's below the control of Manchester United legend Bobby Rooney campaign brace himself raised to 180 the whole selection of goals in Manchester United before same to the 179 ball predecessors George - Best and Violet, ranked four of your Man utd team history scoring list. This would owned by Wayne Rooney celebrate as soon as, however Manchester United defense again careless mistakes, so that the efforts for the Wayne Rooney the full match in vain.Perhaps is the reason with the early kick-off, the Manchester United team in your opening isn't excitement, it touches on Everton to start to be masters, and a few attacks quite threatening. 33 minutes, Jelavic header lob to assist the group lead, an objective behind Man utd now just a dream party get out of bed the horn sounded counterattack is Wayne Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale Rooney! Wayne Rooney in your restricted area through the first 41 minutes, Nani cross from your left leaping header that equalized before halftime to they. This can be Rooney 12 against former team for the first three goals, his last break Everton door returns to April 2007, after the young and frivolous Rooney still Goodison Park wanton celebration of provocation Everton fans nerves, Rooney obviously has matured very much, after scoring his only quietly back in her own half and wouldn't prefer to celebrate. To be able to into this ball, the Man utd for 48 league matches scoring, revealing the record of Everton in 1984-1986 to help maintain continuous 47 home games have scored.Prior to introduction of the other half, the broadcast lens, first to George - Greatest of the portrait, then gave Rooney looks like it's Wayne Rooney within the game than kinds. Affirmed, 70 minutes, Valencia pass, Welbeck an intentional leak after anti-running Rooney carry the hint and also former played a great through two tie Welbeck cross, unmarked Rooney easily Tuishe the extended towards score 4 to 2, BENZEMA Home Jersey to assist you to Manchester United Rooney this coming year to all of the competitions, 33 goals, he scored 26 league goals out of your row inside of a ball on the first Van Persie only the gap League Golden Boot dispute renewable suspense. Presently, the eu Golden Boot competition, Rooney ranked fourth in Europe, only thinking about C Ronaldo, Messi and Van Persie. Rooney I'm afraid dream failed to think the group two goals lead even Everton erase right away. One more minute in the game, Rooney had experimented with turn the tide, but God once and wouldn't found yourself in people that repeatedly make mistakes Manchester United make every effort Wayne Rooney on the game, the nurse can not also. Sky Sports following a game score, Rooney continues to be the other score of 8 points for the team, "Sky Sports" and praised the performance of Rooney, Rooney but not only scored two wonderful goals, the role played by his team at the offensive and defensive convergence ought not to be ignored.Using the two goals for the game, Rooney for RONALDO Away Jersey Manchester United and scored 180 goals overall competitions, beyond George - Best and Violet dominate team history scored comprehensive from the standings, ahead of him 30-50 great players in the last century, Jack - Raleigh, total he scored 211 goals for Man utd, Rooney ultimate goal should be to break Bobby - Charlton 249 balls franchise record. In the event you ask in an effort to shoulder Bobby - the brilliant achievements of Sir Bobby Charlton Manchester United, who today, that Rooney had this manager Sir Alex Ferguson without doubt, he believes Wayne Rooney might be the maximum Man utd history striker: "He has plenty of time to break all records through the good club! Bobby - Charlton data? 249? Rooney have a chance to get over him, is simply not it? Brand-new areas such as been on the best track, It is my opinion He can take action. "Today, Wayne Rooney distance Bo - Charlton 69 ball gap, but Wayne Rooney in 2010, only 26 year-old, depending on his current goal momentum at night legendary record was only an issue of RONALDO Youth Away Jersey time, which Ferguson recommended Wayne Rooney and keep patience: "row in team history scoring chart 4, this is actually perfect record. active duty had been ready to burst on the reputation for the club scorer par Bobby - Charlton characters, no doub it is surprising Wayne this season, one of the most trusted scorer, before, he is managed to keep up a gentle availablility of goals, she will undoubtedly also. "Ferguson hopes that Rooney can rattling during the goals in the field of Everton, Wayne Rooney also did not allow Ferguson disappointed, but his goals couldn't bring a victory for Manchester United. Today, Wayne Rooney, did my part for Manchester United's absolute leader. Growth out of the year that Maotouxiaohuo The last few games, winger Ashley - Young diving cheat the behavior for the penalty by your onslaught from the rest of the world, not just the opponents as you possibly can and Ashley Young cynical, the Man utd fans that Ashe Lee - Yang's behavior on your Red Devils is a disgrace. Since the core team, Wayne Rooney now stood out NANI Home Long Sleeve Jersey to cover their teammates, during an interview he explained: "Whenever Man utd player is some what is the media will undoubtedly be hugely magnified, to the striker, that is difficult, Sometimes discontent and to be kicked, but people think you will be diving. the pace of your game so fast, the referee might possibly be tough produce the right penalty. "Manchester City from the subsequent victory through the game while using the Wolves, the gap between Manchester United and rivals also reduced to 3 points, this means that the Manchester derby later in the day of April 30, can become a veritable "Battle of King Mountain. Whenever we can win with this match-ups, then the Red Devils are the basic lock on the site of this opponent's league title (left two leading 6 points). Rooney is following Cantona following on from the Man utd new king in the eyes for many Man utd fans, Wayne Rooney hasn't already let people disappointed, This particular Ittihad Stadium a week later, Man utd, the fresh new king is employed in team history, 20 League championship crown with their own! is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 04.023.2012