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The rockets acting coach force is LinShuHao: defense tough I have confidence in him

Beijing time on November 16,, according to the NBA's official website of Jason - Milton friedman report, Houston rockets recent performance picks up, marcus - morris also received great acclaim, but there is LinShuHao landslide. But the agency manager, said he LinShuHao to still have confidence, but he also politely pointed out that LinShuHao need to improve the left hand skills.
Yesterday in the victory over the New Orleans hornets game, LinShuHao feel is not good, only 10 shots hit two goals, but at the end of the game, agency manager Kevin - Sampson but to LinShuHao at the other end appear Ryan Clark Nike Jersey tough defense, said the affirmation.
The pre-match, LinShuHao this season, is averaging 2.43 steals, ranking fourth NBA, and this one numerical will also rise, because in the last game, he again sent out 3 steals. "I think LinShuHao tonight's game at the defensive end as especially tough, but he did not get enough sure. He hold your ground, flew over every ball, defensive position stand well, transfer the ball also do well."
Sampson also spoke with season, the role of LinShuHao what will change, and the coaching staff for the 24-year-old point guard how to have faith. "As the season, we'll let Rod Woodson Nike Jersey him join in more screen and roll. He is now the target of other teams, the other party always want to let his left hand more dribble, and he used his left hand, right hand to use so efficient. Develop from the individual perspective, he also needs to continue to improve the left hand, and so we can let him from the stadium on different azimuth pick-and-roll."
According to LinShuHao shooting, Sampson said: "I don't think LinShuHao tonight have been wave pitch. I like his every shot. I always look at him, and then extended fist and his hand gently touch, to Rocky Bleier Nike Jersey tell him, 'has been cast, the next will be into the." I hope he has the confidence, because I have confidence to him. His season some game well, I often think of away game against the Atlanta hawks and piston, he was shooting is pretty good. He is not all the words of the "pure striker,' he is that once to find feel, will constantly hit player."
LinShuHao is dark, the morris but raise the standard. This Sampson said: "the players always ask for trust, but they also have to give people the reason of trust. And our team coaches would very Rashard Mendenhall Nike Jersey trust marcus. He still has a long way to go, with a lot of will to rise. But he is toward the hard work the players forward, I grow very satisfied. I'm hoping to another team play little team, so I can let him come. I like him on the pitch. In the independent offensively, he may be our team second best player."
And morris himself said: "I'm confident. Any time when the coach says to you, we need you to become the bench Jones, need you back, it will add my confidence. I just finished on the arrangement of the coach."

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