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The rockets to attend the funeral visit numerous coach daughter playing thunder

After the Toronto raptors, the rockets officers and soldiers immediately pack their bags, fly to Minnesota Indianapolis, they will be in the next day to attend boss McHale daughter sasha's funeral, and then in the fly to Oklahoma, and against thunder. The game will be in the United States time on November 28, 8 o 'clock in the evening, according to the plan, the rockets can only about half past four in the afternoon arrived in Oklahoma, distance open game only three and a half hours.
"I don't know exactly what time can go to, but as long as at 7 o 'clock before Cal Ripken 1989 Vintage Orioles Jersey the with respect to OK," temporary coach Sampson said. The rockets core haddon said that the team will overcome all the difficulties and fight for the coach. "I think we strong enough to overcome these, we in order to coach (McHale) to Minnesota Indianapolis, he undergo difficulties far outweigh the us, the first thing we need to do is to support him, comfort him," haddon said. Play with the thunder, it is a war, pass the imperial examination of the old Lord, for him to have the special significance, he would no doubt very much looking forward to prove his old club in front.
Andre Dawson Throwback Cubs Jersey />But, from the objective factors for, busy visit numerous rocket is at a disadvantage. LinShuHao expressed hope that the team can copy the last three games model. "Now, one of the biggest challenge is to play at home, the momentum to Oklahoma city, we will be in tomorrow experience a long day, playing the second match back to back, but we have shown their strength, we can play full of energy of the game," said LinShuHao.
To obtain the rockets won, thunder fluctuation and can't treat STH lightly. Boss Brooks really looking forward to meet haddon. "I'm sure when they introduced him out, after Greg Maddux Throwback Cubs Jersey when the fans will cheer for him, and then for our team will be cheering," Brooks said, "that's our fans in the game, we have the best fans in the league. In addition to our team cheering, I never see them will also do other things.
The game, this year the exchange club's Kevin Martin and haddon will become a central figure. Martin says, has contacted McHale, and expressed condolences: "such a thing really difficult, no one wants to experience such changes, so we certainly want our thoughts and wishes for him." But Martin also said, on the pitch he will not hold back.
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