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The second man 21 years super gun king Henry

God beans, is god beans, how or god beans? The question mark belongs to play with Manchester united all of the team, especially today fail at old trafford queens park - if Fletcher for Manchester united to pull the score into 2-1 when they have also retained so a little bit rob points chance, so when she el, the scoring for united after, they in addition to lose has no other end can choose the. And in fact today for his Manchester united reversal of the counter-attack, is she began in el, on that moment! From now on, if el from the bench, she got up and warm-up, Manchester united's opponents perhaps can begin to do lose psychological preparation!
In the Manchester united lost the ball only five minutes later, sir alex ferguson will make a sweep of the flag, el, and Anderson she for the Paul scholes and ASHLEY - Yang, and wearing Arthur Jones Elite Ravens Jersey fresh blood after, united's performance has had the very big promotion, for through the corner kick to score two goals again -. Although the two substitute player and not for the first two goals to make direct contribution, however Fletcher header 3 minutes later, it is two people to help the reds a performance thoroughly kill the game: 71 minutes, Anderson right rib in the process of the dart suddenly oblique plug the middle, el, she cleverly from queens park between the central defenders ran out of the sky, the opponent will close the door to adjust the ball and pace, facing the attack of the advancing goalkeeper nearly Angle. And the queen park defence apparently el, she so sensitive response to inadequate preparation, can only overall look after mexicans curling roll into the bottom corner, 3-1, the reds three points are in!
This is the season she el, the fifth goal, but in Bernard Pollard Elite Ravens Jersey this 5 grain of goal, there are four goals coming on as a score, whether it is today the winning goal, also or Manchester united away game challenge Chelsea goal of force, and two weeks ago 3-2 magic reversal at aston villa scored two goals of the, "god bean" in the league goals it may be said is grains of magic and grains of "god" gas dye-in-the-wood. Be worth what carry is, today Manchester united former super substitute ole Gunnar solskjaer also watched the game at old trafford, and as his successor, el, today she also substitute goals and sliding knelt to celebrate, also be with the most perfect methods to the predecessors to worship!
In all five league champions of small pea substitute goals also remained in second place, and after scored five goals substitute of zhe family! However if theory general goal efficiency of words, in the premiership this season of zhe Bernard Pierce Game Ravens Jersey section average beat in one ball time is 68 minutes, although this is a good enough Numbers, yet still wasn't as much as the average less than 61 minutes can be scored little pea!
And you don't know is, even if in the premiership 21 years of history go up comparison, in all had scored 15 goals in the premiership over the players, el, she goal efficiency is also the second high. Not the game and el in the premiership, she played a total of 3232 minutes, scored 27 goals, goals efficiency for 119.7 minutes 1 ball, the data has let him beyond the on this list beyond Henry - highbury king average scored a grain of premiership goal of the required time was 121.8 minutes. But is the game's goal, el in 3263 minutes, she scored 28 goals, will own data ascension to 116.5 minutes 1 ball! And in all history played for Bernard Pierce Elite White Jersey the premiership player of also only average 111.3 minutes appearances can be scored a goal aguero than his more efficient! Of course Henry altogether for Arsenal scored 175 serie a goals, such goals is aguero and el, she cannot shoulder to shoulder, although small pea premiership experience is shallow, but at least that small pea efficiency can trust!
It is no wonder that in inherit robin van persie and Wayne rooney two big kill device at the same time, sir alex ferguson is still think highly of the young Mexican striker accept Goal.com before an interview with el, she also said, you don't mind on the bench: "you look at the training ground, it has almost 30 players, is fierce competition, of course. Only do the best, just be worthy of a starting position." And now see, small pea so know how to express themselves from the bench, no wonder on the bench he doesn't mind!
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