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Torres entered on two 25-hour dawn Chelsea excited to cry

152 days, 25 games, 1541 minutes, 25 hours and 41 minutes ... these have been flashing the changes in the figures, while in the first 68 minutes on the Battle of Chelsea and Leicester City finally at rest stops counting! Torres scored a mission!Stamford Bridge right until the "dawn" Right now, Meirelles cross, Torres stopping after Qiaoshe, roll the ball tricky rub column net nest! This is the first seven goals when the Spaniard joined Chelsea are between 6 and 7, for too much time. Lens flashback the T9 goal when? October 19, 2011 Champions League play Genk, he was also scored twice, while the last break assists Meirelles, it's still an old time acquaintance of Liverpool's little assistance extended.To the current goal, Chelsea apparently waited a long time, Torres broke, Stamford Bridge into a rare boiling wave of ambitious over prior to when the two broke, amazing teammates have been rushing to congratulate Ivan to your T9 carry up stands, the fans excited cheers of excited, and also small fans excited to tears ... This boiling scene, almost 7 days to turn back the Naples comparable.Good pairs, Torres into already, is both. In the first 85 minutes, then Meireleis corner, headed gain another victory! Precisely what a familiar image to breed, Torres on a goal for Chelsea, playing the main g is usually a right foot Tuishe as well as a header, and here this has been a similar copy.Torres elected towards the audience, on top of the two goals, two assists teammates broke, Chelsea 5 to 2 victory on the number one contributor. Interview, the T9 can be quite calm as you're watching camera. "I need these goals, As well as Cheap Soccer Jerseys so hard in the fight for your goals, perhaps a striker is the goal, should you not enter, individuals will think you played poorly, but are typically in for my support, I now feel the trust within the coach, and Next, we have some important games playing. "DiMatteo has just assumed office, he stated, have been expecting Torres, whether to wait long, the results will soon be settled. DiMatteo said: "I think Fernando kicked a good match in the team to address very hard, in a position to scored two goals, it's wonderful for him. We've confidence in him, He worked hard in life, if you happen to work hard, you can be rewarded. "As soon as the match, Torres took the ball right in front pay tribute towards audience, revealing a grin, his mind presumably as the game is different. Just-field, Stu Ritchie a possibility the ball just didn't pass, Torres was angry waving his arm expressed dissatisfaction using the two pass two shot his mind resumed quiet as soon as the game, Torres, one by one to shake hands using their rivals, and also former teammate Konchesky swapped shirts.Boas said, Torres can just go behind the goals arrives, but unfortunately the Portuguese couldn't wait until you will. Today, the DiMatteo office to preserve confidence still Torres. This morning, "he needs to be changed cannot think of their worth, must only discuss the play well as well as ball of each foot, not in an effort to score things, coming back to" DiMatteo said, "Fernando remains is a good striker, I do believe he could not forget the goals, he has been still one of the greatest striker in the world ... " It is composed by MofengCheapSoccerJerseys 03.019.2012