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Wenger since Cruyff believes Arsenal do not need a huge input also win the championship

According to British media reports, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said, even though it is to create team squad players always leave the truth, he'll not change Arsenal.
Robin van Persie this morning announced what is this great without leaving the Cheap Soccer Jerseys team, he believes the club will not be in a position to throwing money to win the league title. As a consequence, Wenger and Arsenal share of criticism.
However, Wenger believes there're relative to the Cruyff built the group thinking GIGGS Home Jersey inside management team. 1995, Cruyff led Ajax won the Champions League, Barcelona is thought youth academy system is also founded by his hand. Cruyff believes that a good youth system and talented young players, the group without big investment was DI MARIA Away Jersey allowed to success. Wenger is fully believing that a Cruyff, and revealed that she will not change.
Wenger is usually conscious to complete the task vulnerable, "the worst thing anyone thinks of work destroyed, you should not expect a player SERGIO RAMOS Home Long Sleeve Jersey at the peak of your guarantee to be able to the team is a victim, a long way, We've lost Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy. I'm certainly as a minimum Significantly the chance leave Arsenal, but I wouldn't implement it because SERGIO RAMOS Home Jersey I am built-in accordance with all the Cruyff theory to train young team at Arsenal for 16 years haven't changed. "
However, these theories of Wenger not impressed Robin van Persie, with Podolski and Giroux signings.

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